Steps to Successful Lacquering!

Yacht and boat coatings have to meet a host of different requirements – they have to be suited to widely differing construction materials, and they must provide protection against numerous different factors. Hence there is unfortunately no such thing as the „ideal“ coating material, applicable to every part of a vessel, equally suited to every different construction material.

Above the waterline coatings are subject to more intense sunlight and to splash water, below the water line coatings should, first and foremost, protect against fouling. Coatings also need to endure bottoming, or being dragged over gravely shores. In addition, sports and regatta vessels require a coating which is so smooth that only minimal surface resistance exists.

As can be seen, there are good reasons for choosing coating materials with properties which are specifically suited to the particular application in question.

Furthermore, whether applying a first or second coating, or a refresher layer, following the correct working procedure is crucial. Make a note of all the steps necessary, and carefully read the corresponding system and product descriptions through thoroughly. Select the appropriate system and take particular note of the stated interval between coatings. One more tip regarding working practice:

Start off with stripping, cleaning and sanding work. All surface preparations should be completed before applying any coatings.